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Hey there and welcome to fresh_icons. It's run by Amy and Whitney. So if you have any problems, email us.

Basically we wanted to start a community since we both make too many icons, too many that we could ever use personally. Basically they'll revolve around things that we like. Orlando Bloom, Good Charlotte, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Nsync, etc.

You can post icons if you like but there are a few rules.

Rules for Using Our Icons

1. Don't steal. You steal and you're gone, and believe us we'll know if you steal it.
2. You must credit. Either by our personal lj names or fresh_icons.
3. Don't hand 'em out to your friends. Give them the link and let them comment, we're not Friends Only so they'll be able to get in.

Rules for Posting

1. Don't steal someone's icons and post them as your own work.
2. If you post more than one then please please please use lj-cut. Not everyone has a speedy connection.
3. Don't post the same set of icons more than once per day. People will see them. Duplicate posts will be deleted.

And our number one rule...

We don't want to see advertisements for other icon communities, especially friends only ones (grr!). So don't do it. Your post will be deleted and you'll be warned.

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